How can I apply for help? If you’re 18 or over, and you feel you’re on the verge of being kicked out of your home, or a major burden is being placed on you due to being an atheist, agnostic, or LGBT, please click here to fill out the contact form. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be contacted.

How can I help? There are two ways you can help! You can sign up for a 4th Listener Membership for which you’ll get behind the scenes access to Dogma Debate, including full episodes without commercials, and much more! Then, Dogma Debate will set aside a portion of the membership dues for the Iam4th Fund. (10% of Premium Members now, and 10% of all members once the goal is reached. Dogma Debate will also begin a 2nd episode each week at the goal!). You can also Create a Local Iam4th Group in your area.

How does it work?  It’s really very simple. The Iam4th Fund is operated by Secular Media Group, LLC, which is the parent company for Dogma Debate, Secular Media Network, Secular News Network, Secular News DailyTiny Thinkers, and Atheist Audiobooks. While we are not a counseling organization, we work to provide solutions and resources for those who need it. We can point you in the right direction if counseling is what you need, or we can help get you some emergency funding for relocation out of an abusive situation.

Are you a non-profit? No. The Iam4th Fund is operated by Secular Media Group, LLC and is designed to help those who contact the shows on our network reaching out for help.

Can I donate directly to the Iam4th Fund? Because we’re not a registered 501c3 nonprofit, we are unable to accept donations. We can, however, provide you with tons of extra content for your membership dues, and then we can make contributions on your behalf to help the young people who contact us in need.

How are you funded? We are able to operate due to Dogma Debate setting aside 10% of all Premium Membership dues for the Iam4th Fund. Once Dogma Debate reaches their membership goal, they will begin contributing 10% of ALL membership dues to the Iam4th Fund.

Where did Iam4th come from? The term began with listeners of Dogma Debate, proudly claiming to be the “4th Listener.” This became the hashtag #Iam4th and was used interchangeably with listeners of the show, and those who were inspired by the hosts to go out and put their humanist values to work in their communities by volunteering, mentoring, or giving back in some way.

How did the Iam4th Fund start? The hosts of Dogma Debate often came across young people being kicked out of their homes, controlled, threatened, abused, and otherwise mistreated for coming out to their families as atheist, agnostic, or LGBT. The show started helping these people start their lives over by assisting with GoFundMe accounts. A young woman by the name of Kaitlyn found herself homeless, and living with strangers, until the secular community, largely made up of Dogma Debate’s loyal “4th Listeners” got behind her and raised enough money to get her own apartment and a car. A 4th Listener even hired her for part time work. Another young person named Richard came along and shared his story of being forced to go through gay conversion therapy, as he was being withheld from science and biology books. The hosts of Dogma Debate were able to help him raise enough money to relocate to a secular, LGBT-friendly city, and start a new life. These stories, combined with Dogma Debate’s proven fundraising efforts, grew into the official Iam4th Fund.