Success Stories

Richard Fuqua, an 18 year old gay teen was forced to go through gay conversion therapy, sent to a camp for kids with addictions, and was told that being gay is a mental disorder. Although he aspires to be an evolutionary biologist, his Mormon mother would not allow biology books in the home, for a fear of them carrying “bad spirits” into her house. She also blocked YouTube, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Science-related websites, and even the Dogma Debate podcast downloads. Richard reached out to Secular Media Group because his family was moving from Oakland, and he had been informed that it would be best if he did not join them. He had less than 3 weeks to find a place to live, or to continue that lifestyle as the Mormon family moved to Utah. Richard’s goal was to raise $1,500 so he could move to Spokane, rent a room, and attend a community college. Listeners all over the U.S. who declared “Iam4th” raised over  $3,100 for Richard. He packed everything he owns into two bags, and flew to Spokane. He now shares a house with a college roomate, has a bike to move around the city, and is enrolling in school on a mission to study evolutionary biology.

Seagoville Senior Center in Seagoville, TX was not receiving food from local pantries due to the government shutdown and high demand of food in their area. This meant 60 seniors were living on one meal per day. We set out on a goal to feed the seniors for the following month as we worked with the local food bank on a long-term solution. People who declared #Iam4th all over the U.S. raised enough money to not only cover that month, but feed the seniors for the entire following year! We continued to work with the local food bank to have the senior center registered as their own local food pantry. Now, they don’t have to depend on any other pantries to feed the seniors of their community!

Kaitlyn McKenna, a 19 yr old atheist living in a Mormon household, refused to attend church, or talk things over with LDS Counselors, and was told to move out by her father. He gave her 11 days to be out of his home. She created a GoFundMe account for $400 called “Just for Essentials,” and when her father found out about the account, he demanded that she move out the next morning. Kaitlyn connected with a few other atheists before we found out about her situation, and raised over $2,000 to immediate expenses. When we first talked to her, she was renting a room from a stranger in Utah. People who declared “Iam4th” all over the nation refused to let Kailtyn suffer, and rallied around her to build over $13,000. One of the 4th Listeners even hired her for part-time work! Kaitlyn now has her own apartment, her own car, and works 2 jobs. No church required.

Jonathan’s Place is the primary home for children who are removed from abusive homes in Dallas County. As the Secular Media Group team was touring the facility, we discovered that the kids had Christmas gifts sent to them thanks to local Angel Trees, but they did not have any plans for Christmas dinner. We set out to raise money to take a warm Christmas dinner to the kids, and once again, people all over the country who declared “Iam4th” raised enough for us provide both lunch and dinner on Christmas Day, along with dessert for 18 kids and 4 staff members.

Foundation Beyond Belief connected with Dogma Debate for a 24-Hour Broadcastathon to raise money for their international efforts of generosity. The original goal was set for $5,000 and it was bumped to $10,000 the day before the event. The Dogma Debate crew did a nonstop broadcast for a continuous 24-hours, connecting with 21 guests who encouraged their fans to contribute, including Todd Stiefel who contributed over $10,000 as part of a challenge. Listeners all over the world who declared “Iam4th” brought the total to $51,460.00.