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Dogma Debate 24-Hour Broadcastathon

Benefiting Secular Student Alliance

Starting Saturday Dec 12 at 1PM Central!

What better way to cultivate a secular society, than through supporting students? The SSA notified us that they are on pace to be about $40,000 short of their fundraising goals for 2015, so we’re stepping up to see what we can do about it. We’re committing to a nonstop 24 hour broadcast for Secular Student Alliance!


Donate here! Check out the amazing list of guests below: All times are CST.

Watch Live! This video is just one of multiple parts. When the Youtube time-limit expires a new video will replace this one after a page reload:

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Saturday 01:00 PM Dan Dennett: Philosopher & Author
Saturday 01:30 PM August Brunsman: SSA Executive Director
Saturday 02:00 PM Todd Stiefel: Heretical Reason Productions
Saturday 02:30 PM Evan Clark: SSA Board Member
Saturday 03:00 PM Matt Dillahunty: The Atheist Experience
Saturday 03:30 PM Matt Enloe: Secular Student
Saturday 04:00 PM Callie Wright: Gaytheist Manifesto Podcast
Saturday 04:30 PM Katelyn Hartwig: Secular Student
Saturday 05:00 PM Peter Boghossian: Author of A Manual for Creating Atheists
Saturday 05:30 PM Eric O’Bannon / Ariel Sorg: Secular Students
Saturday 06:00 PM JT Eberhard: WWJTD Blog
Saturday 06:30 PM Kaylie Johnson: Secular Student
Saturday 07:00 PM Cognitive Dissonance: Tom & Cecil
Saturday 07:30 PM Ganymede Skooling: Secular Student
Saturday 08:00 PM Mr. Deity: Brian Keith Dalton
Saturday 08:30 PM Amber Barnhill: Secular Student
Saturday 09:00 PM Dave Silverman: American Atheists
Saturday 09:30 PM Ben Oyakawa: Secular Student
Saturday 10:00 PM Stephanie Guttormson w/ Richard Dawkins Foundation
Saturday 10:30 PM Pete Zupan: SSA Board Member
Saturday 11:00 PM Ex-Mo Hour! David Michael & Bryce Blankenangel
Saturday 11:30 PM Anonymous: Secular Student
Sunday 12:00 AM Scathing Atheist: Noah Lugeons
Sunday 12:30 PM Sarah Henry: SSA Board Member & Secular Student
Sunday 01:00 AM Jerry DeWitt: Author of Hope After Faith
Sunday 01:30 AM Jennifer Ibrahim: SSA Board Member
Sunday 02:00 AM Joey Kirkman: PR Pope & Bedtime Bible Stories
Sunday 02:30 AM Gordon Maples: SSA Staff
Sunday 03:00 AM Bar Room Atheist: Bill & Suzy Robbins
Sunday 03:30 AM R.T. Justice: Secular Student
Sunday 04:00 AM Beyond The Trailer Park
Sunday 04:30 AM David Fitzgerald: SSA Staff
Sunday 05:00 AM Adam Reakes: The Herd Mentality
Sunday 05:30 AM Casey Brescia: SSA Alumni
Sunday 06:00 AM Shelley Segal: Songwriter & Artist
Sunday 06:30 AM Ben Williams: Secular Student
Sunday 07:00 AM Andrew Seidel: Freedom From Religion Foundation
Sunday 07:30 AM Candace Banks: Secular Student
Sunday 08:00 AM Brian Fields: PA Nonbelievers
Sunday 08:30 AM Buxi Iacobone: Secular Student
Sunday 09:00 AM No Religion Required: Bobby C & Ashley
Sunday 09:30 AM Sarah McCarter: Secular Student
Sunday 10:00 AM Tom Kellogg: EvolveFish Give-a-way!
Sunday 10:30 AM Mark Schierbecker: Secular Student
Sunday 11:00 AM Seth Andrews: The Thinking Atheist
Sunday 11:30 AM Elizabeth Perkis: Secular Student
Sunday 12:00 PM Faisal Saeed Al Mutar
Sunday 12:30 AM Sean Rivera: Secular Student