Give-back: Not My Father’s Son

Nate Phelps is currently fund-raising to begin production on a film that will will offer a poignant glimpse into Nate’s life growing up in the Westboro Baptist Church and detail his journey from hate to hope.

If any 4th Listeners want to help out on that project, please click on the GoFundMe link above. You can find out more information at his site:

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Christianity and Slavery

Occasionally, Christians like to claim for themselves the fruits of some of their better members. They will, for example, claim that it was Christianity that is to praise for universities, hospitals, charities, and abolition of slavery. And while it is certainly true that there are soft-hearted, philanthropic Christians, make no mistake about it: Christianity does not make people better moral agents. History is truth-bearer of this observation. For every Christian that points out the beginnings of universities, hospitals, charities, or abolition, I could equally point out the Christian roots of the oppression of scientific knowledge, the beginnings of “Holy” wars,
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Freethinking about Feminism

“Feminism” has come to be a somewhat controversial word, as Emma Watson pointed out in her recent speech to the United Nations.  Moreover, in the last few years, outspoken feminist atheists and popular figures in the atheist movement have sometimes found themselves at odds in their attempts to analyze and critique gender issues in the atheist community and in culture at large.   As feminism seems to be a regular topic of conversation in atheist blogs, articles, and conferences, I thought I’d like to throw my hat into the ring and talk about it. My intention is not to point fingers
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